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7 2020 Andrea 6 Brianna really enjoyed tennis lessons this summer. I thought there was a good balance between learning technique and letting them rally. This was our first summer trying tennis and we were very happy
7 2020 Maxime 11 Tennis has been a great for Christophe. As discussed, during school weeks, I prefer Friday Night and Sunday Night Tennis Classes. Summer is fine. I also liked your idea of mini tennis on Friday Night.
7 2020 Limin 20
8 2020 Antony 9 The Friday beginner competition was not well administered .. the scores should be recorded .New students kept being added to the beginner class so my daughters had to repeat lower level drills.
9 2020 Mihai 12 The kids enjoyed the program, the class structure and the challenges. One detail would be to show them how to properly grip the racquet for a forehand, backhand, volley, serve, etc.
9 2020 Ludmila 7 Thank you for the great lessons. Looking forward to the continuation!
9 2020 Karen 8 David is a professional, dedicated and diligent teacher. Moveover in the dynamic situation, he is able to execute the protocol fully. We feel safe. And Ziqi loves his lesson very much!
9 2020 Vivian 2 Miya tried the tennis class coached by David this Summer. David is exceptional, both in technics and in team mangement. The safty manners are taken well in the court. We look forward the new session.
9 2020 Vivian 18 Besides the lessons .. I wish we have more tennis courts in our Pierrefonds neighbourhood to allow more free and supervised play.
10 2020 Rania 15 It was excellent my son made a big improvement
10 2020 Robert 16 It was excellent and my son made a remarkable progress thanks for your efforts
10 2020 Nishit 3 Excellent coaching and great opportunity for young kids to learn tennis , get active and make friends.
11 2020 Sviatlana 10 It was a great experience for my son. We definitely need to continue.
14 2020 Fadi 14 Great program. Convenient times.
14 2020 Olga 19 It was a wonderful experience for both girls, as always. David and staff took the Covid and sanitary measures very seriously.